Monday, February 06, 2006


For great is your love, higher than the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies. Psalm 108: 4. God is so faithful even when I am not. It is so amazing to me how He has taken care of me in the times when I have been in the process of going further and further away from Him. I was on staff at the church when I had been hurt by members whom I had loved in it. I did not leave immediately but stayed on even after they had gotten a new Pastor, about six months. When I resigned I had only a part-time job that I worked along with the church work. My wife works fulltime so she was supporting us. After about six weeks she told me we were behind for the month, about 280 dollars. I had to get a job.
I went to a grocery store that I had been employed with while in collage. The store is family owned and one of three in the town. It was just before Thanksgiving and the day before I walked in asking for a job, they had lost an Assistant Manager. Rick a son in- law of the owner told me to go to one of the other stores the next day and speak with Larry, Manager, and son of the owner. The next day Larry hired me and then told me that his father Coy wanted to speak with me. In his office he said to me, “Gary, I knew I was going to hire you before you did.” He went on to tell me how two days previous he his son and sons in-law were discussing what they were going to do with Thanksgiving a week or two away and short one Assistant Manager. As Coy left the meeting he told them “Hire Gary Wood”. This was the same day my wife informed me that we were behind 280 dollars for the month. Just before I left his office he asked me as he reached for his wallet if I could use some help. I told him no that the job was enough and we would be fine. Then he said “Let me put it to you this way would you take a bonus for being hired?” He then laid 3 one hundred dollar bills on his desk! I went home put the money on the table with a short note and then went to my other part-time job and gave my two weeks notice. My wife came home and wept when she saw the way God had taken care of us.
I wish I could say that this experience made me stronger with God but it did not. I continued to grow more bitter and cynical and further away from Him. Even when I am not faithful God is. Today the family that God used to help me at that time attends the church that my wife and I joined. When I see them I am always reminded that God is faithful and His love truly is great.