Monday, April 24, 2006


I picked up my 9 year old son from school one day and as I always do I asked him how school went. On this day he said fine and told me that during recess he asked three boys if he could play with them and they said no. Needless to say I hurt for him. I like most parents worry about my child and this information soured my day. He told me the names of the three and I hurt more. They’re all generally good kids. Within my mind I said a quick prayer for my son and asked God to help him. Sometimes as parents it is very difficult to trust God and understand what he is doing with your child. But the lessons of this life must be taught and as all of us know the one on handling rejection is tough.
When we got home he had his snack and I read to him. At this time I was reading A Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards. It is the story of Saul, David and Absalom. On previous days we read about King Saul throwing spears at David and David not throwing them back. He would not throw Saul’s spear back or throw one of his own. I told my son this meant when others throw insult to harm you, you are not to throw insult back. This day, we read about when David finally fled King Saul and the kingdom, he left alone. I asked my son a question from the book, when you leave a kingdom why must you leave alone? I was not expecting the right answer, but that’s what I got. He told me if you leave with others you’re not leaving the kingdom you’re splitting the kingdom and taking part of it with you. The only way to leave is alone. I was amazed and in a split second I thought to myself that flesh and blood did not reveal this to him but the Holy Spirit did. There in front of me I saw God talk to my son. The Lord Jesus is with my boy and is shaping him and teaching him into the young man he wants him to be. The lessons of life are sometimes cruel and difficult but Jesus is with him and knowing that brings me joy and peace.


Godzheart said...

Wow, such a wonderful testimony. It brings such great joy to my heart, that your son is being trained by our Wonderful Father in heaven. This means, he will be well equipped to face no matter what life may bring to him. He will be a conqueror through Christ through strengthens him.

God Bless you and your son.

~ Sweetness ~ said...

You blessed me greatly by sharing this. Thank you so much.

~ Mrs. DMG ~

Sander Chan said...

I enjoyed this post. I sometimes find it difficult to learn practical things from the OT. But here's certainly one, and a very challenging one. I find my self throwing back spears too often.