Monday, August 21, 2006


As I read Mark’s Gospel, I wonder where I would be if I lived during the time that Jesus was on earth. What would I be doing, where would I fit into the narrative? Would I need, like Simon Peter’s mother-in-law, to be taken by the hand and lifted up in order to serve? Ch 1: 31. Would I be like the leper who came in need of cleansing? Ch 1: 40. Would I be as the four, who brought their friend to Christ, and would let nothing and no one, including a crowd stand in their way? Ch 2: 3-5. Would I, as Levi, leave my love for money and follow Jesus. Ch 2: 13-14. Would I be like the man who turned away from following, because of my many possessions? Ch 10: 17-22. Maybe I would be just one within the multitudes, part of the masses for whom Christ had great compassion. Ch 6: 34. Certainly I would have been one of those who followed Him but were not one of the chosen twelve. Ch 4: 10. Probably not. A shiver runs down my spine, for I know myself. When Jesus chose the twelve, I would have left in disappointment and possibly anger, thinking that Jesus plays favorites. Would I be like the men who asked Jesus to leave the area because he hurt business? Ch 5: 17. How I wish I was like the Gentile woman from Syrophenicia, who no matter how rudely treated kept her faith in Christ. Ch 7: 24-30. Am I like the twelve, jockeying for position of who would be the greatest when Christ came into His kingdom? Ch 9: 33-34. Do I want more recognition within my church, and would I argue with others to get it? Would I be like the Scribes and Pharisees, unable to give up my position? Who were unable to say, like John the Baptist, “He must increase, but I must decrease?” John 3: 30. It is so difficult to voluntarily sit in a lower chair. I am some of all, good and bad. So who would you be? Who are you most like?

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Laymond said...

I am mostly like you.