Monday, December 15, 2008

The Christmas Wise Men

It amazes me that men not from Israel but from Persia(Iran) , made their way to Bethlehem to see the child Jesus. In their country they were men of wealth and influence. They were the priest of their region of the world. God gave these men a way to the truth through their own religion. These astrologers were given light by the grace of God. They proved how hungry for God they were by traveling all that way on camel and donkey. It was no easy trip and was extremely dangerous.

Compare them to the scribes and Chief Priest of Israel who in Jerusalem, informed the Magi and Herod that the Anointed One would be born in Bethlehem a scant four miles away. Why did not the religious leaders of Israel who had been given and knew the ordinances and prophecies of the one true God go with the Magi? Their reaction was one of complete indifference. They were so busy in their Temple duties and religious obligations that Jesus meant nothing to them. He was completely disregarded. I believe that in the United States that we react like the scribes. There is a church on every corner, a Bible in every home and hotel room, and most of us know something about Jesus, his birth, death and resurrection, but we are indifferent to it all. Too busy.

May we be like the Magi who hungered and thirst for the truth of God. May we also be willing to go through any hardship to find Him. May we cease to be indifferent when God has blessed us with so much. May we lay down at the feet of Jesus in worship and adoration. May we bring Him the very best gift we have, ourselves.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for your kinds words..and Merry CHRISTmas to you too!