Sunday, February 01, 2009

Boring Scripture

Have you ever been reading through the Bible and given up because of the endless genealogies, or instructions on building the tabernacle and procedures for sacrifices? It never ends. Maybe you have skipped over them and started reading where the story begins again. But then you can't say you read the whole Bible through. I've done both. I know that these are important, and that they are forshadowings of Christ and His crucifixion, but they still make for boring reading.

I'm reading the Bible through and and I am forcing myself to read every name, every instruction about every hook and crevice of the tabernacle. Tedious, tedious, tedious. I was reading instructions about the tabernacle in Exodus and realized that Moses was in the very presence of God when given these instructions! I'm sure they were not boring to him. Oh that God would be so specific with me. Maybe there's a reason He is not.

Exodus 27: 8 reads; " As it has been shown you on the mountain, so shall it be made."
When I am on the mountaintop and God tells me through my heart simple instructions like be nicer to your wife, do more housecleaning, call your mother more often, drop your anger to that person who offended you, etc.. etc.. etc.. and I continue on in my own habitual way of life, why should He tell me more? I need to do the first things before I can expect more instructions and more times on the mountain.


DawnTreader said...

Especially with those "boring" bits, like the lists of names or the detailed instructions about the tabernacle, I find it often makes it more interesting if you also take time to look up one or two things in a commentary or Bible handbook or map (or on the internet). First read the whole passage or chapter for context, then go back and pick out one object or name or verse, and look it up and learn a bit more about it. In the long run, all those bits and pieces will add to better understanding.

Gary Wood said...
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Gary Wood said...

Thank you Dawn Treader for your advice. Taking a chapter at a time will help. When I continue reading these I lose focus and after a while everything becomes a blurr.

Gary Wood said...
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Tracy said...

I am currently in a Bible Study on the life of Moses. We just finished Leviticus. Wow, was it difficult to read!?! But as you've said, it is wonderful to see how the Old Testament, even Leviticus, points to Christ. It's also amazing to me that Moses remembered all of the instruction that God gave him. I can't even remember to "love my neighbors!" God bless you Gary.