Monday, January 01, 2007


“And they devoted themselves to the Apostles teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” Acts 2: 42. Luke gives us this list of four practices of the young church. First they devoted themselves to the teaching of the Apostles. We have the Apostles teaching through scripture. We, like them, must set aside time for their teaching.
I like to watch sports and forensic shows on television. I like to read biographies and books on American history. If I’m not careful I can neglect the Scriptures. I have found that I can read one or two fewer books a month and watch less television to study God’s word. Maybe this can work for others also. Second they devoted themselves to fellowship. I have heard it said, by some who won’t join a church, “it is full of hypocrites” or they “don’t believe in organized religion.” The church is full of imperfect people who know they need help. I am one of them. We cooperate together in doing God’s work and growing in Him. Yes we know we are hypocritical at times but with God’s grace and love we will grow more consistent in our life with Christ. Is Christ body disorganized? Jesus, Peter, John, Paul, James, all the New Testament teaches unity and love between believers. I cannot have fellowship by myself. I need other believers to share in the breaking of bread, to participate in Communion. I need to spend time with other believers to be loved and love on a level one cannot find in the world. If you are one who has been hurt by some in the church, please read the June post entitled Slain. I urge you to find a local church and join us.
And they prayed. Prayer for me is the most difficult on the list. Do what you must from your heart. Pray the Lords Prayer. Pray the Psalms. Use a book of prayers. Bring everything to God. Pray and pray some more. If we are to grow and become more like Jesus then we like the early church must devote ourselves to Him. Then “He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1: 6.

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Godzheart said...

I couldn't agree with you more.

Dear brother Gary, here's wishing you and your family a wonderful and Blessed New Year 2007